FAQ: The Rise & The Rise+ Movable Pool Floors by R3TRACT

FAQ: The Rise & The Rise+ Movable Pool Floors by R3TRACT

1. What are The Rise & The Rise+ movable pool floors? The Rise and The Rise+ are premium floating movable pool floors offered by R3TRACT. These systems allow homeowners to adjust the depth of their pools with ease, providing both flexibility and luxury to their outdoor living spaces.

2. How do The Rise & The Rise+ differ from other pool cover systems? Unlike traditional pool covers that just act as a protective layer, The Rise & The Rise+ can be adjusted to different depths. This means you can have a shallow pool for children or a deeper pool for adult swimming – all controlled via a mobile app.

3. How do I control the depth of my pool with The Rise & The Rise+? Both The Rise and The Rise+ can be controlled using a dedicated mobile app. This allows you to set the depth to your preference, whether it’s 8 ft. deep for an adult swim or 2 ft. for children.

4. How safe are The Rise & The Rise+ systems? Safety is a priority with The Rise & The Rise+ systems. The mobile app is password protected, ensuring only authorized users can adjust the pool’s depth. Furthermore, when used as a cover, it provides a solid platform that mitigates water hazards.

5. What is the difference between The Rise and The Rise+? While both systems offer the innovative movable floor feature, The Rise+ typically includes additional premium features or customizations, enhancing its functionality and luxury appeal.

6. Can I install The Rise & The Rise+ in my existing pool? Yes, The Rise & The Rise+ systems are designed to be compatible with both new pool constructions and existing pools. A consultation with R3TRACT experts will provide specifics for your individual pool.

7. How durable are these systems? The Rise & The Rise+ are constructed using high-quality, durable materials designed to withstand regular use and the outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

8. Will the system affect my pool’s water quality? No, the system is designed to be water-neutral. In fact, by covering the pool, The Rise & The Rise+ can help reduce water evaporation and decrease the need for chemicals, thus potentially improving water quality.

9. How do I maintain The Rise & The Rise+? Maintenance is straightforward. Regular cleaning, like with any pool floor, is recommended. Additionally, periodic checks of the mechanical components by professionals will ensure the system remains in top condition.

10. Can I customize the look of The Rise & The Rise+ to match my outdoor design? Absolutely! R3TRACT prides itself on offering bespoke design options. You can discuss your design preferences during the consultation phase to ensure the finished product aligns with your vision.

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