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Pavers & Natural Stone

Curb appeal is vital for the value of your home. When your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, or front or back patio is cracked or stained, it can deter your home’s beauty.

At Adept Builders & Design, we understand that the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Our paving contractors will work with you to create a custom driveway that flows seamlessly into your home’s landscape and design. Whether you are looking for a modern paver stone driveway or a stunning path with grand entrance features, we have the skills and resources to complete your ideal landscape design project.

Improve Curb Appeal

Adept Builders & Design offers custom paving solutions to enhance the curb appeal of your home and create a seamless integration with your landscape design.


Interlocking driveway paver stones are designed to withstand these changes and provide long-lasting performance and beauty.

Add Unique Aesthetic

Natural stone pavers have a distinct aesthetic quality formed by natural processes, providing a highly versatile range of design options.

Driveway Pavers

Your driveway is one of the primary things people see when visiting your home. Unlike traditional hard materials, our interlocking driveway paver stones are designed to withstand dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity without cracking, chipping, splitting, or buckling.

Built to provide a lifetime of performance and beauty in all climates, driveway paver stones are the perfect way to upgrade your curb appeal. Whether you plan to sell your home or pass it down for generations, a paver driveway from Adept Builders & Design will provide the quality and long-lasting results you’re looking for.

Patio Pavers

Many people only dream of having a picture-perfect outdoor oasis. With the custom paver patio services of Adept Builders & Design, you can turn your patio dreams into a reality. Specializing in custom backyard patios, our professional paving contractors can help you design your ideal outdoor living space. In addition, we use durable materials so you can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.

Pool Deck Pavers

Your outdoor pool area should be a relaxing and inviting space for your family and friends. When it comes to your pool deck, it’s crucial to find a surface that looks good and meets your needs.

Adept Builders & Design is your local expert for pool deck pavers. We specialize in designing and installing custom pool decks throughout Sherman Oaks neighborhoods. Our contractors at Adept Builders & Design strive to bring the style and uniqueness of your home to your outdoor living space through custom patios and pool decks.

Walkway/Entryway Pavers

Your front walkway and entryway should be a stunning introduction to your home. A brand new, intricate paver walkway would not only be more inviting, but it would also add to your property’s value. At Adept Builders & Design, we can install your ideal entryway for your home.

Specializing in paver walkway installation in Sherman Oaks, our contractors will work with you to design a seamless pathway into your home aesthetics. Whether you need a custom walkway to lead guests to your luxury outdoor living space or a new entryway to welcome visitors, Adept Builders & Design offers the paving services you need to complete your project.

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are hard to beat when it comes to the benefits that they can provide. However, the most salient feature of these materials is their unique beauty. Since natural processes form them, they have distinct aesthetic qualities, and the material is highly versatile in the range of design options they provide and their practical uses.

At Adept Builders & Design, we use natural stone in many outdoor areas, including patios, decks, steps, parking areas, driveways, sitting walls, decks, gazebos and pergolas, garden edgings, entryways, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits, and walkways.

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